Way to succeed!

We always tend to juggle between various books to study according to our curriculum without having the knowledge of the proper source of our study materials. CUSATified also guides with all the study materials to refer throughout the course for each and every semester making our goal more close to us.



Get Settled!

Parents as well as the new students who come to study in CUSAT are only relaxed once they get a proper reliable place to stay and searching for such a place is definitely a tedious job. All the nearby hostels for girls as well as boys with all the necessary facilities can be viewed on a screen with ease with the help of CUSATified.


Know the place

Get to Know the Place, After all its a University

CUSAT’s one of the key features being its large campus area, it’s quite difficult for a newcomer to locate a particular department at a go. All the departments located sparsely over the 190 acres campus can be located in just one click. All one needs to know is the department he/she has to reach to.



Roam Around!

Being a new place, everyone has a desire to wander throughout and have a sightseeing which can’t be fulfilled without the knowledge about the commutation methods. Not only for sightseeing but also for emergency movement across the region we need to definitely have a guide with us which will help us at each step of our movement to move ahead. CUSATified serves to be that guide for us.



Find the little places with BIG TASTE!

Sacrificing over the taste buds for a duration of 4 years or more is quite a tough job especially when we are away from our homes. A lot many eat outs can be viewed on the way to college but the taste and quality of food can’t be guessed by just viewing the place. The details about all the eat outs as well as the monthly mess facilities is mentioned with the necessary details in the app.


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